The idea is to create a series of long-distance cycling adventures in order to forge links between deeply different cultural contexts and help raise funds to fight world hunger. Virginio Favale, the promoter of the project, has cycled alone for thousands of kilometers in the first of a series of itineraries, which will visit the most fascinating places and cities on the planet. This experience will focus on various human and social realities and the contradictions that coexist within the countries that lead the financial markets. The project took shape in the summer of 2018 with the first tour on a European level. A long ride from Milan to London.



The project has three goals: athletic, artistic and humanitarian. The athlete will confront the environment surrounding him and its different territories, people and cultures on a daily basis. The focus will be on the relationship between effort and energy consumption, and on hunger on the sporting performance level. Likewise, there are countless places in the world where the primary need of adequate food is lacking. This is why the project has the relationship with hunger in its conceptual DNA. The sporting aspect is the guiding force behind the initiative and the engine that drives the whole project. While the artistic goal is to create a photographic books and related international exhibitions that will connect and give a new viewpoint to various situations that may seem obvious but are often invisible. The book series will be published by Armedia – an English publishing company – and distributed worldwide. The humanitarian aims give an ethical purpose to the project through actions of important social value.



The creator and protagonist of the project is photographer and director Virginio Favale who has been living between Rome and Tokyo since the nineties. He regularly collaborates with major international advertising agencies, directing campaigns for leading companies. He has published books and editorial services worldwide and has had over ten personal exhibitions to his name. In recent years, he has concentrated predominantly on directing films, documentaries and commercial videos, earning himself awards and recognition, particularly in the social field, with the Save the Children campaign against child abuse and the Purosangue project against doping.



Interlife is a No-Profit Humanitarian Organization, based in Italy and working at international level with specific focus in Southern India and West Africa (Ivory Coast). Our main mission is to reduce poverty through the provisioning of basic asset able to support the population in production of food for self-sustaining: improve education, vocational training, job access and environmental protection are the main lever applied for this goal. To pursue its mission, Interlife has created a special and unique development model that offers concrete and simple tools to people in that area, called Interlife Toolkits, aiming at building a better life for the beneficiaries and their families, but also at improving food security and economic strength in their community. The Interlife Toolkit designed by Interlife Onlus to face endemic malnutrition and poverty is a complete program containing targeted professional training, equipment, raw materials and professional know-how to start up a small enterprise from scratch, that allows the most disadvantaged people to provide for their families, improve their lives and finally create a new Toolkit to be donated to another person in need. Virginio has fully embraced the initiatives of Interlife thus deciding to give children in India a bicycle for each photo sold during the exhibitions.


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