I think it's not easy to talk about hunger. Hunger, the real one, can only be felt and fought. When I wrote this project, in May 2017, I asked myself that it should have been stronger during the cycling adventures I had never experienced before. The first thing that came to my mind was hunger. This word came into force in the title of the project and from that moment I decided that I would not only fight my hunger but also the real one that, like a silent war, reaped so many innocent victims every day. As soon as the project began to develop the same word hunger took on various meanings and declensions. Always leaving in the first place the true hunger, they are joined by sports hunger, the artistic one, of research and discovery of new horizons. In the future I want to give more and more space to culinary culture, creating food and wine tours, themed events and editorial products such as videos and books about cooking. I believe it is important to do charitable activities without being dramatic, with concrete initiatives. I am aware that the world does not change from one day to the next but I am equally aware that one can not stand and watch without trying something.

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