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Summer 2018

The first tour, entitled Markets, took place in the summer of 2018. Three thousand kilometers of solo pedaling from Milan to London, touching the capitals of European finance. Milan, Munich, Hamburg, Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris and London. Fifty days of travel for a total of three thousand kilometers that have allowed Virginio to confront himself, his hunger, loneliness, fatigue, the road, nature and the many people encountered.


Spring 2019

Tour of Japan by bike. In the spring of 2013 Virginio moved with his family to Tokyo and use the bicycle every day. One day a challenge comes up to Yokohama fifty kilometers away with a small folding bike. The idea is born, traveling around Japan pedaling. In 2017 this little dream becomes reality and in one year Virginio runs 10,000 kilometers to prepare for the first challenge.

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